Our Scoring Method : ComHQCrux

ComHQCrux is a full proof system that gives users a five constituent scoring and assessing methodology for Software Products. This is the algorithm that propels product selection at ComHQ. All products are evaluated under certain criteria.

ComHQ undertakes in depth study of every software. Our scoring system is user centric, using an unfailing algorithm to deduce what appeals to users in choosing a software application for their business.

Every constituent herein is calculated using the ComHQCrux scoring system. Each carries varying degrees of import and weightage within the total score area attributed to each.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and Ratings from existing users gives a clear look at the software in use. These real experiences form the core of evaluation. Here, the users are asked to review the software on various parameters that are further narrowed down, like overall ratings, number of reviews, usability, likelihood of recommendation and more, straight from the horse's mouth.

These constituents are evaluated using a score (1-10). The ComHQCrux scoring system gives users an insight into the software's aptness and suitability for them.

We use the ComHQCrux to grade software on the basis of Reviews and Ratings submitted by users on ComHQ, Software Features, Support and Resources and Pricing. ComHQCrux has factored in a fifth element, Profile Completeness,. While studying user's response to a software, we observed that knowledge and visibility of a software product on sites like ComHQ can really impact buyer's decisions in the final choices they make.

  • Reviews and Ratings (30% of the total score)
  • Software Features (30% of the total score)
  • Support & Resources (10% of the total score)
  • Pricing (10% of the total score)
  • Profile Completeness (20% of the total score)