Top 15 RPA [Robotic Process Automation] Tools of 2020 – Types Features & Comparison

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Not sure which RPA tool can transform your existing workforce? After a certain period, the enterprise needs more than just automation. It’s time you think about the best RPA solution for your existing or upcoming projects. To help you out opt the appropriate tool for your enterprise, we have collated a guide of the top 15 RPA tools in 2020 market.

Significance of RPA Solutions/Tools for Your Business

For business processes, RPA is configuring the software to perform mundane and repetitive tasks done by human employees. Though several service automation providers are calling their software.

RPA tools come with three unique features compared to other automation tools. 

  • No Code or Low Low Code: where developers don’t require intensive programming skills. To illustrate, RPA interfaces work by dragging, dropping & linking icons that appear as steps in a process. As the software users drag & drop icons to automate the work, the codes are consequently generated automatically. 
  • Flexibility: The second unique feature is that RPA, software, in addition, works with existing systems without the need to create, replace or build expensive platforms. 
  • RPA is enterprise-safe: Being a robust platform, RPA is, especially designed to meet the enterprise requirements for security, scalability, auditability and change management. 

RPA features that matter most to businesses

Analytics- Analytics capabilities run advanced level analysis and combine different data sources, therefore, making it vital for the process. The real-time operational insights help companies to monitor the efficiency & effectiveness of the digital workforce constantly. 

Code-free Development- Low or less code development reduces the coding effort, which, as a result, accelerates delivery of the process. 

Integration into Third-Party Applications- With seamless integration into third-party applications, RPA solution offers unmatched flexibility in scaling the digital workforce performance. 

Process Builder- Process builder ensure that business can have multiple decision points offering different outcomes than workflows. 

Attended Automation- It is needed when the entire end-to-end process can’t be automated. Both bots and human employees work together to deliver attended automation. 

Unattended Automation- Unattended automation performs batch operations without any human intervention. It can, further, be scheduled as per the need of the task. 

Image Recognition- RPA includes image recognition to recognize images on a screen more reliably. 

Optical Character Recognition- It works with a scanner to convert printed characters into digital text. 

Other Popular RPA features:- 

Data Entry

  • Abbreviation DetectionData Duplication
  • Data Retrieval
  • Mis-Keyed Variation Detection
  • Data Capture and Transfer
  • Data Entry Verification
  • Image Capture
  • Phonetic Variation Detection

Data Extraction

  • Disparate Data Collection- 
  • Email Address Extraction-
  • Image Extraction 
  • Pricing Extraction 
  • Document Extraction 
  • IP Address Extraction 
  • Phone Number Extraction 
  • Web Data Extraction 

Workflow Management 

  • Access Controls/Permission 
  • Calendar Management
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Forms Management 
  • Mobile Access 
  • Task Management 
  • Workflow Configuration 
  • Business Process Automation 
  • Compliance Tracking 
  • Document Management 
  • Graphical Workflow Editor 
  • No-Code 
  • Third Party Integrations 

Here’s a list of our best picked 15 RPA tools to help you procure the right software for your enterprise- 

Blue Prism

Blue Prism is pioneered in enterprise RPA software to eliminate high-risk, manual data entry, processing work, hence, ensuring a high ROI. It is one of the most trusted and verified RPA platform for the public-sector market as well as, Fortune 500 companies.


  • Simplicity of implementation in the short period of 4 to 6 weeks
  • Robust and feature-rich analytics suite
  • Doesn’t require programming skills to implement
  • High efficiency toward automated end-to-end business processes
  • Improved Control Room for offering real-time feedback
  • High-speed execution


  • Not suited for small business
  • Doesn’t support iOS, Android, Desktop
  • No free trail plans are available

Bottom line: Blue Prism helps companies to deploy approaches fast from a secure platform enabling the firm’s operation agile. It can be run in cloud via Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services or on-premises.


UiPath is a software company based in New York City. They say they make robots, so people don’t have to be robots. This Platform is well known among more than 2,750 enterprise clients and Government offices. With the help of this tool, it is easy to manage automated processes and virtual workforce. 


  • Provides secured managing credentials with encryption and access controls based on the role
  • Legacy application integrations
  • UiPath Orchestrator ensures quicker launching of the robots
  • Automate tasks fast. Multiple times quicker robotization through Citrix too
  • Provides an open platform
  • Execute a large number of processes, irrespective of its complexity
  • Free trial version is available 


  • Doesn’t support iOS or Android
  • Local hosting is unavailable for UiPath Orchestrator server 
  • Implementing image-based automation is a little challenge

Bottom line: UiPath caters to companies from all industries, of all sizes. Furthermore, it supports excel and offer SAP and Citrix integration. 

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere caters to enterprises in all sectors looking for a digital workforce that complete business processes end-to-end. It is ideal for medium and enormous associations.


  • Smart automation Technology for business and IT operations
  • Consistently Automates complex tasks
  • Distribute workflow to multiple computers
  • Quickly locate the commands from the tray, configure the commands & connections to an external source
  • User-friendly UI design 
  • Supports Windows, Mac and web-based 
  • Community edition is available where user can deploy their solution and test everything in Workbench Editor 
  • It integrates with business and custom software
  • Free trial version is available 


  • Restriction on new process update to control room on community version 
  • Cloud version is not available 
  • Lack of improved AI feature 

Bottom line: Automation Anywhere works in all production environments with optimum levels of security & controls. Moreover, it combines consumer-like usability with enterprise-class reliability and security. 

PEGA System

Pega system is helping companies for 35 years with digital transformation. It is a distinct industry-leading tool that offers clients to build enterprise-grade scalable CRM solutions, AI apps and so on. The solutions can be utilized on work area servers and offer cloud-based administrations.


  • Open APIs that rapidly connect to current services
  • Optimize the common procedures
  • Accurately identifies obstacles to productivity 
  • Employee activity tracking 
  • Application effectively monitoring 
  • Journey-centric rapid delivery of processes 


  • Problem in customization 
  • User Interface is not so robust 
  • Difficult to learn 
  • Expensive tool 

Bottom line: Pega workforce intelligence is, undoubtedly, one of the best-in-class desktop bots that let the employers know about workforce behaviors.


Kofax Inc. offer process management, RPA, e-signature, mobility and customer communication services to multiple customers worldwide. This automation is one of the most productive approaches to secure, upgrade and transmit data from any application or information source. 


  • Helps in removing errors by Automating Data Gathering and Input
  • Increase Operational Efficiency with smart Software Robots
  • Monitors and Optimizes the Processes with Robotic Process Intelligence
  • Send, oversee and execute robots from an incorporated server
  • Built-In Analytics and Process Intelligence
  • Speed and accuracy in the processing of critical data
  • Easy to extract text from image using internal OCR
  • Supports all types of application environment 


  • Steep learning curve 
  • Expensive tool 

Bottom line: As Kofax supports various kinds of application environments, monitoring and optimizing the process is made easy.

Nice Systems

Nice RPA tool is named as NEVA-Nice Employee Virtual Attendant. It is an intelligent tool and helps the employees to carry out repetitive tasks. It automates manual desktop tasks that are highly structured, routine and rules-schedule, requiring little analysis or subjective judgment. 


  • Serves attended and unattended server automation.
  • Assists in automating mundane tasks
  • System is made for employees from the back offices, Finance, HR, etc.
  • Cloud-based and on-premise solutions
  • Automatically helps to map employee activities and processes
  • Suited for small, medium and large enterprise 
  • Easy to scale to meet changing needs 


  • Lack of Optical Character Recognition 
  • Lack of image recognition feature 
  • Not supported in iOS and Android 
  • No support provided by the vendor 

Bottom line: One of the best tools to automate manual desktop tasks. Easy to scale at each level of workflow. 


WorkFusion Smart Process Automation is an excellent tool for small and large companies alike. It covers a wide range of work across different industries. It’s free, easy to use, and built to scale all processes. 


  • Centrally manage the RPA process
  • Drag and drop feature makes it easy to work with 
  • Ability to create customized automation rules 
  • In-built Optical Character Recognition program seamlessly integrates with any workflow
  • Best-suited from medium business and enterprise


  • Free trial is not available 
  • Training support is not there 
  • OCR is slow

Bottom line: Any user can use it with the drag and drop capability. It is a unified platform to automate operations, upgrade experience and uncover more opportunities.


Kryon is full-cycle intelligent automation for enterprises. The bot created with Kryon tool is twice as fast as a human employee and provide a more accurate result. 


  • Kryon is flexible with SQL functionality
  • Decrease non-value generating processes
  • Offers zero percent errors
  • Automation cycle is quick
  • Works well for a complex business area
  • Captures screen activities and plays them back


  • OCR is not up to the mark 
  • Misuse of memory consumption 
  • Lack of an active forum for discussion 

Bottom Line: If any users have no technical background, Kryon can help them. It is intuitive and straightforward. 


Softomotive results in two solutions for robotic process automation. It consists of Enterprise Automation and Desktop automation. It is one of the leading RPA tools that help businesses of all kinds to gain the mighty aid of AI in every sector without much hassle.


  • Business can utilize both Enterprise-level RPA and Desktop RDA 
  • The tool comes with great flexibility 
  • Easy usage of integrations 
  • A huge array of programming capabilities
  • Easy compilation of scripts
  • Can be used by developers, IT professionals & business operation leaders


  • Needs to pay for any executable generated using the software 
  • Difficulty in connecting with customer care for help 
  • .Net dependency 

Bottom Line: The software product WinAUtomation for Desktop RDA has changed with the latest version upgrade. However, Softomotive is still in use by businesses.

Another Monday

With 13 years of experience, Another Monday ensures end-to-end automation for the business. AM Ensemble is its main product, which is an excellent platform to build robust bots. 


  • End-to-End Automation Solution 
  • 48% faster process analysis 
  • Agile Setup
  • No initial cost needed 
  • Rapid scale-up and profitable results 


  • Needs technical knowledge base sharing 
  • No provision for training and certification remotely 
  • Implementation process needs to more high-tech
  • Installation requires technical skills 

Bottom Line: It is a reliable partner for many businesses. Another Monday has proper delivery and helps business with instant ROI. 


TruBot by Datamatics Global Services is an enterprise-grade RPA tool that enhances the enterprise’s productivity. It automates a wide range of simple tasks and free human employees for other creative works. 


  • Good for finance work 
  • Bots are created at a click of a button 
  • Easy to install and operate 
  • Customizable data capture solution 
  • Ease of adaptability 
  • Premium version has AI and NLP capabilities 
  • 24×7 help available 


  • No notifications for updates 
  • Doesn’t have Graphical User Interface 
  • Needs to improve security 

Bottom Line: TruBot is best-suited for finance and banking sector. It is a flexible tool. It comes with efficient customer care that guides business throughout the implementation and deployment of the bots. 

Nividous RPA

Another RPA tool on the list is the product of Nividous Software Solutions. This tool is best-suited for finance, insurance, banking, BPO services, healthcare and manufacturing. Nividous RPA operates with great agility, speed and accuracy. 


  • Interact with the existing system
  • Quick configuration 
  • Once implemented, companies get all control on RPA 
  • Bots can be deployed instantly in a single virtual machine 
  • Good security and governance 


  • Free version is unavailable 
  • Hybrid deployment is not there 
  • No online training available 

Bottom Line: It has built and deployed more than 500 automation solutions. The studio product allows you to design code-free automation; however, you must check which features suit your industry before buying it. 


AssistEdge comes with a customer-centric digital workforce that ensures a new horizon of endless opportunities. It is a product by Edgeverve for retail banking, corporate banking, universal banking and community banking. 


  • AssistEdge allows to queue up automation tasks 
  • On-boarding and implementation is fast and straightforward 
  • Strong-built product 
  • Ease of configuration


  • Third-party integration needs improvement 
  • Restricted partner ecosystem 
  • Lacks standard integration adaptors 
  • Monitoring and reporting tools can be improved 

Bottom Line: You can use AssitEdge for live operation in the banking system. Evaluation and contracting in fair, but it needs improvement in product capabilities. 

HelpSystems Automate

HelpSystems Automate is one of the best known and award-winning RPA solution that comes with the skills to automate different apps and techs without writing codes. It particularly is best-suited for healthcare, banking, finance and insurance. 


  • A useful tool for executing GUI and windows based operations 
  • Wide range of features for different tasks 
  • Quick development and deployment 
  • Prices are suitable according to the features and performance
  • Easy to use for batch processes 


  • Doesn’t run smoothly 
  • Frequent resolution change 

Bottom line: It helps, on the whole, save time across different business tasks. HelpSystems Automate will help you to find the accurate capabilities which is required for your existing workflow. 


OnTrack is an efficient RPA software introduced by Smart Software. It can perform both simple and complex tasks ensuring accurate results in less time.


  • It can run multiple processes one after the other 
  • Business can set the method according to the need and no human intervention is required
  • Great customer service 
  • No need for coding 
  • Smoothly works with existing online systems 


  • Takes time for the bots to learn the process 
  • Often fails in the beginning 
  • Software browser needs to operate at full screen for a smooth UI 

Bottom line: This software is, definitely, best for small-medium sized businesses that want to automate tedious and mundane everyday tasks. Best suited for any data entry tasks. 

Comparing the Top Five leading RPA tools 

ParametersBlue Prism
PEGA Kofax
Base technologyC#MicrosoftMicrosoftJAVA .NET, JAVA
Scalability High-speed
Limited (for large robot)Medium-speed execution (multidimensional)High-speed execution
Reliability Very HighModerateHighModerateModerate
AccuracyHigh accuracy for BPO processGood accuracy Web automation Rational accuracyModerate accuracy for web automationHigh accuracy for web automation
Ease of use & control Drag & dropDrag & drop, macro recordingDrag & drop, macro recordingDrag & drop Drag & drop
Price $15000-$18000 annually
(depending upon business need)
Only community edition is freeNot mentionedProvides free trial, package starts from $200 per monthNot mentioned

Final Thoughts

Do You Own any of the listed RPA tools (If you want to update information) or know any good robotic automation tool which should be here? Drop us an email at

Many enterprises perform tasks outside the local desktop environments using virtual machines or Citrix environment. However, accuracy and scalability depends on the use case & industry needs.
Also note that the prices of the RPA tools might differ as the software undergoes several upgradation too. For accurate prices and the best condition it is suited for, we recommend the enterprise to get in touch with the vendors.

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