Best App Developers List in Melbourne

Melbourne is Australia's technology hub. More than half of the country's top 20 technology companies are based in this city. So, obviously, the potential for building a kicker app is high if you hire an app development company from here.The usual next step is - you go on Google, search for a company, and are bombarded with many suggestions. The problem here is, there's no guarantee for the authenticity of the information. There's a high chance you may end up with a team that falls short of your requirements and expectations.To avoid that, it's best to turn to vetted lists, like the one on ComHQ. We have a rigid process through which B2B companies are scrutinized. Our ranking system makes sure the information they've provided is authentic before the company gets listed.ComHQ's list will give you information about the company size, summary, and founding date. The interface is in such a way that information is easily comparable between companies. And, if you're not satisfied with the list this week, check back next week for an updated list.