ComHQ Logos, Badges & Widgets

ComHQ recognizes your company for its myriad efforts and growth and appreciates the feats you are taking in different ways. ComHQ Badges and Widgets show your customers that you are an apex company renowned for delivering.

ComHQ Logos, Badges & Widgets

In order to earn the ComHQ Badge you must have a duly filled and complete profile, be a member of ComHQ vendor/ service provider feature list for more than 3 months and contribute thought leadership articles as explained on vendor/service provider portal. If we see your product/ service featuring high on buyer preference, you also become eligible for special badges as mentioned.

Benefits of ComHQ Logos, Badges & Widgets

  • A ComHQ Badge is important for category ranking search result pages
  • Your Badge can be displayed on your website, other online properties, and offline marketing campaign components.
  • Increases positive Brand Visibility and Recognition
  • Strengthens Brand Credibility

Logos & Icons

If your company has set high standards, through performance, revenue and other attributes, you can earn ComHQ Badges. Badges are an excellent way for prospective customers to know you are a sought after and coveted brand name. ComHQ has few criteria, under which a company can earn badges.Badges can be embedded on your company site. They can also be in your email signature.



The standard criteria that determines eligibility for badges are,

  • Company’s Performance
  • Client Yield/ Revenue Growth Trajectory
  • Client Retentiveness
  • Company’s Overall Growth
  • Increase in Advertisers

High resolution version

Adjudged based on expressed User Experience with Product/ Service

High resolution version

Rising Star3 Months/Completed Profile/Allows Guest Post By ComHQ

High resolution version

Adept and Articulate Customer Support

High resolution version

Industry and Thought Leadership

High resolution version

Based on Inputs by Industry Experts

High resolution version

Bringing Forth Cutting Edge and Pragmatic ideas through Product Innovation

High resolution version

Top Enterprise Performers

High resolution version

Numerous Other Badges/ Awards Category Based

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Positive Brand Perception

Displaying Your Badge:

If your Company has been getting great reviews on ComHQ, showcase your ComHQ commendation badge to your potential buyers, display it on your website, along with a link to your company profile page.

How to Add a Badge to Your Website:
  • Select a product (from the list provided)
  • To access the badge code, Click on the “get code” link.
  • Now Place the code to any page on your website without modifying it.


Widgets are independent applications that can be embedded on website pages to display/ highlight changing content. ComHQ Widgets display star ratings by clients/users from your company’s ComHQ profile.

ComHQ Widgets will automatically get updated with your latest user reviews. These featured reviews will attract prospective customers for your business.ComHQ has primarily two Widgets.

Diamond Widget

This Widget includes,

  • Company Name
  • Star Ratings
  • Number of Reviews
  • Client Comments
Platinum Widget

This Widget includes,

  • A window from your reviews on ComHQ, on your company website
  • An elevation for Rich Snippets, that can make your ComHQ Ratings visible in your company related google search (organic search results).

Steps to Add a ComHQ Widget to Your Website:

  • Sign in to your ComHQ account.
  • Click on the Widget Tab on your ComHQ profile.
  • Take your pick of the Widget from the options provided.
  • Decide where on your website do you want the Widget to be displayed.
  • Copy a line of code and place it on chosen space on your website.


What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are snippets (results shown by google in search results), that have more advanced information. This extra information that appears between the URL and the description contains ratings too. These ratings can attract more click throughs, consequently getting increased traffic.

Can I add Rich Snippets to all of my company’s web pages?

No. Widgets for Rich Snippets can only be part of not more than 5 landing pages of your site. Also, Google does not support Rich Snippet on the footer of your site. The marked up widget should not be part of the global header or footer of the site, and must always be positioned so, that its visible on the landing page.

How long does it take for Rich Snippets to start appearing in organic search results?

6 weeks or more.