Top 10 HR management software for 2019

Best HR Management Software
What is the HR management software?

Human resources management software is also known as Human Resources information system by many software providers. In short, these software suites are designed to help the organisation, the HR department of the organisation, in particular, manage the records as well as all the information that is related to their employees.
There is a lot of information that the HR department has to have on the employee. The personal details of the employee, the performance records, payslips, the information on leaves, paid leaves, sick leaves, and so much more. It is very cumbersome to have this information in hard copies, in files and documents. A good HR management software could be the difference between efficiency and disaster in the internal processes of HR.

How to choose the Best HR Management Software for your Organization?

HR management software suites are very diverse. Many of them have different functionalities. You should be the judge about which software you think is the best for you. In order to determine the best HR management software, it would be a wise idea to involve HR personnel from your company in the discussion. They can tell you the problems that they are finding, and you can use this guide to try and get the perfect software for you. Many of the software suits that are discussed here offer free trials. So, be sure to use a free trial before making the final choice.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is expansion. If you are a growing company, then choose a software that can accommodate your needs as and when you grow. You do not want a software that cannot work when you suddenly have more employees than before.

Top Ten HR Softwares of 2019 by ComHQ

  1. BambooHR
  2. Zoho People
  3. Dayforce HCM
  4. SAP SuccessFactors
  5. Kronos Workforce Central
  6. Deputy
  7. Gusto
  8. Zenefits
  9. CakeHR
  10. Breezy HR
Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR5

BambooHR is one of the most widely used HR management software suits in the world at this point in time. BambooHR was designed, keeping in mind of the small businesses and the medium sized businesses. It is a very affordable software suite that will not break the bank for your company.

Bamboo HR Software Features


  • Electronic signatures: An offering that is not present in a lot of similar software suites, BambooHR lets you sign documents digitally. This will save you a lot of time as well as money in becoming paperless.
  • Applicant tracking system (optional): With the advanced BambooHR software you can add new openings for jobs in your company along with all the relevant details like duration, salary, contract type, designation and so on. Once you have created a list, you can share it on all the popular social networking sites as well as popular job boards.
  • Emails for onboarding process: BambooHR lets you set up emails that are to be sent to new recruits. These can contain all the required information for the employee to start their job with ease.
  • Performance Management: The advanced tools in BambooHR can identify the top performers among all the employees of your company.

BambooHR has some packages like the essentials package and the advantage package. BambooHR uses a pay per employee per month type of pricing model. The essentials package is about $6.19 per employee per month. The advantage package is about $8.25 per employee per month. Additionally, you can also add some of their time tracking modules and performance management modules for an additional price. They also offer discounts based on the size of the company.


Zoho People is designed by the Zoho company, which makes a lot of different software suits for businesses. Zoho was also designed mainly for medium level and small companies that are expanding.


  • Advanced leave management: Zoho allows you to customise the options for leave for your employees. You can govern custom leaves based on parameters like location, individual employee, experience level, roles, and so on.
  • Self service portal for employees: With Zoho People, your employees can insert and update information in a very easy to use web portal. This also allows them to access the data they enter at any time without needing the approval of a higher up. The information is securely stored.
  • Management of travel data: Zoho People also has an advanced feature for all the travel requirements of an employee. Things like requests for travel, approvals, documentation for travel and reimbursements post travel are very easy to handle.

Zoho people is one of the most affordable HR management software suites that are present in the market today. The pricing for Zoho People begins at $0.83 per month per employee.

Dayforce HCM

Developed by Ceridian Software, Dayforce HCM is one of the most versatile and most powerful HR management software suites that are available in the market. The software is hosted on the cloud, which means that your data is always safe and is always available to you. Dayforce HCM was originally created for the small and medium sized companies, but it has been observed that some large companies are using them as well.


  • Pay and attendance management: Dayforce HCM is an application that can manage the attendance as well as salary related work for all the employees in the company. Not only this, the employees of the company can see their payment details in easy to read graphs that are made by the application.
  • Predictive analysis: Dayforce HCM has some of the best analytical tools that have been developed till date. With these tools, the application is able to provide you with actionable insights about the working of the company.
  • Personalised collaboration: Using the Dayforce HCM application, members of a team can get to control what all information is displayed to them and where it is shown on the screen. It also has features to send notifications when they are changes on matters that the user feels are important to them.


Dayforce has not updated any pricing information on their website. But it is known that they charge about $10 to $11.50 per month per employee depending on the features that the company requires.

Sap SuccessFactors

Sometimes it is difficult to choose good software. It is in these times that we look at the manufacturer’s reputation. All leading vendors will have reliable software. One of these vendors is SAP, and their product for Human resources management is called SAP SuccessFactors.


  • A trusted brand: The first thing that is noteworthy is that SuccessFactors is made by SAP. This, in itself is a feature. SAP has a huge customer base and is used by many leading companies all across the globe.
  • End to end system: The Sap SuccessFactors helps you with things like collaboration, social business tools, on boarding. They have some advanced tools that are able to perform very accurate HR analytics.
  • Suitable for all: SuccessFactors can be used by anyone. Small companies, large companies, as well as the medium sized companies can all use SuccessFactors for their HR management needs.

SAP does not publish the pricing details for its SuccessFactors software online. It is important that you contact them directly to get a quote for your company.

Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos Workforce Central is one of the premium offerings in the Human resources management software sector. With Kronos Workforce Central, you can automate a lot of things that are present in the HR department and can truly streamline the HR process.


  • Simplicity: Though the Kronos Workforce Central is a very powerful HR management software, it is also very simple to use and understand. The user interface is very fluid, and it offers complex functionality in a way that can be easily implemented by all.
  • Configurable completely: Kronos Workforce Central software suite is completely automated, and the user can configure the integrated components that come along with the software. This ensures that there are very few errors.
  • Access from any device: Because the Kronos Workforce Central is a software that is cloud based, anyone in the company can access their information from anywhere in the world.

Kronos Workforce Central has not published the details of the pricing of its software on the official website. If you think Kronos Workforce Central is the best HR management software for you, you can contact them for a personalized quote.


Deputy is one such software that is used by a lot of companies today for their HR streamlining processes. Deputy was created in such a way that it is very easy to use the software regardless of the number of employees a company has. Deputy is used by some of the leading brands like Amazon, Qantas, Nike, the UPS store and NASA for their employee scheduling needs.


  • Huge focus on employee scheduling: Using the Deputy HR management software, a user can create complex employee schedules in no time.
  • Dynamic reports: Deputy also generates a lot of dynamic reports. These dynamic reports can be used to track schedules, budgets, costs of timesheets, transactions of sales and much more employee variables to keep your business on the fast track.

The Deputy HR management software is available in different packages. These packages start at $2.50 per month. There is also an annual plan that allows your company to save up to 11% and a monthly plan that your company can opt-out of any time.


Gusto is also a very popular offering in the HR management software market. It was also the first to introduce a unique smart benefits scheme that includes things like 529 college savings, the 401(k)s, health insurance, HAS, among others. Because of these integrations, Gusto primarily serves companies and teams that are based in the United States of America.


  • Best in calculations: Gusto is one of the best for calculations of all employee related things. Payroll taxes, ACA compliance, forms for the year end and much more. Gusto also has an advanced too for workflow calculations that can benefit your company.
  • No errors in payrolls: Gusto is like a personal employee database. You can store all the important information and access it anytime from anywhere. It makes the calculations of the payroll independently, meaning there are no errors.

Starting at $39 plus $6 per employee per month, Gusto is a good option for the small and medium sized companies. It can also suit large sized companies.


Just like Gusto, Zenefits is also one of the undisputed kings when it comes to benefits and payroll HR management software. Zenefits also has users who are in the fortune 500 companies list.


  • ACA Compliant: Zenefits integrates with the complexities of ACA.
  • Integrated payroll administration: The Zenefits payroll feature can connect with everything else that is managed by Zenefits.
  • Preserve the current plan: as the owner of the business, you have the option to keep the plan that is already in place or choose from new benefits plans that are available with Zenefits.

Zenefits has a nominal price at about $8 per month per employee.


CakeHR can be your company’s one-stop solution for all HR management needs. It is integrated with the cloud that gives you the flexibility to use it whenever you want.


  • Best security features: with GDPR compliance, CakeHR is one of the most secure HR management software suits that is on the market.
  • Unlimited storage: CakeHR offers users with unlimited storage for documents and other HR related items.
  • Interactive reports: CakeHR can provide you with instant and interactive reports that can give you valuable insight and also trends from old data.
  • Automated reporting of expenses: An employee can take a picture of a receipt and upload it onto the CakeHR mobile app. The system has the capability to transform this business receipt and log it as an expense on the name of the employee.

Because of its various offerings, the price of CakeHR can vary between $1.45 to almost $6 per employee per mon

Breezy HR

Breezy HR is one of the best HR management software when it comes to modern recruiting processes.


  • Talent acquisition: Breezy HR has integrations with LinkedIn and AngelList from where it can source candidates that have the required skills to work in your company.
  • Attractive user interface: Breezy HR has a very interactive user interface that is very pleasing to use and manage.

Breezy HR has packages ranging from $150 to $300 depending on the requirement of the company. It also offers discounts for annual subscriptions.

Streamlining the internal Human resources processes of your company has huge profits. These are in the form of saving time, money and space. You can streamline the internal processes of the HR department of your company by implementing an HR software. Not only this, there are many other measures that you can take to improve the efficiency of your company. A company that adapts to the latest technology and is willing to change how they do things will survive.

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