Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines administer the Reviews Program of the ComHQ site and our associate sites and pronounce the fundamental codes of practice for users, reviewers and vendors. This document includes three main sections:

Understanding Reviews

A guide for all users which comprises our Reviews Program, the quality assurance (QA) and screening of reviews published on our site, along with how to interpret software reviews.

Writing Reviews

A framework of the guidelines, reviews should meet in order to be published, reasonable expectations from those writing reviews, the process for flagging reviews, and a few other details about our program.

Issues Affecting Vendors

An overview of the issues affecting vendors, including guidelines vendors must follow, vendor expectations, best practices, and a link to our Vendor Portal with more information.

We have also generated FAQs for Reviewers, Vendors, and about our Verification Process. This will aid in answering the most common questions about our review program.

Understanding Reviews

Reviews Program Overview

Reviews play a crucial role in impacting buying decisions. They impart real time education to potential software and services buyers through the opinions of peers and others who have relevant experiences. Reviews serve a dual purpose, they help buyers make informed decisions and give vendors the opportunity to improve their products and services through valuable feedback. Reviews engine our service and view ensure every review is given its due importance. We emphasize on high-quality, relevant content written by verified users which is free of conflicts of interest.
The opinions expressed in the reviews are those of the reviewers and not of ComHQ. We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers or by vendor management in response to reviews. These Community Guidelines, identify the rules governing our review program for (i) The users of the site (ii) Those users who write reviews (iii) The vendors who are listed and/or reviewed on the site.

Quality Assurance (QA) and Verification Process

It is our endeavor to maintain high quality review content and to ensure that it happens under expert scrutiny we have built a robust reviews Quality Assurance (QA) process. This QA will be committed to achieving this singular goal. In order to establish standard and value, all reviews are manually examined by our team of experts, who certify the sources before the content is published. All reviews are treated equally during the verification process, regardless of rating or vendor.
With users as our main review contributors, ComHQ provides a neutral platform intended to facilitate discussion between software providers/vendors and software shoppers. We aim to safeguard against deception by having systems in place to verify each reviewer's identity. We also seek to confirm that the reviewer has no conflicts of interest (such as being an employee or competitor of the product's company), and that the review content meets our guidelines for publishing (listed below).

Here are the three key steps of reviews verification:

Identity Check.Our team of experts check details on individual reviewers, before any content is posted. Key identifiers such as name, job title, or email address are all checked to ensure that the review was left by a real person. If the reviewer cannot be identified, the review is not considered for publication.
Conflict of Interest Check. Reviewer's name and company is checked against the product they are reviewing. Reviewers cannot be representatives/affiliates/ direct competitors of the vendor. If found so their review will not be published.
Content Check. Each review is examined closely to make sure it is original, authentic, and meets our quality standards. If the content fails to meet our standards (which includes, but is not limited to, those listed below), the review will not be published.
What Else Does the QA Team Screen For?Inappropriate Language, Violent or Hateful Speech. If the review content contains profane or obscene language, or is bullying or discriminatory.
Spam Content. If the review is SPAM, nonsensical, or self-promoting.
Invalid Reviewer. If the review is fabricated or found fraudulent. For example, a vendor posing as a reviewer on behalf of a customer, or a reviewer paid to write fake reviews.
Duplicate Reviews. Multiplication and repetition of reviews. If the review content has been published online before, or the reviewer has already reviewed the product.
ComHq has certain practices that does not allow, reviewers that disrupt our guidelines recurrently, try to mishandle our program, or are found to be spammers may have all of their reviews disabled, and may be subject to penalties, up to and including legal penalties. However, as a neutral reviews platform, we do not evaluate the merit of the opinions expressed on our site, and we do not fact-check content, when assessing which reviews should be published. We do offer the ability for third parties to flag reviews for investigation (see Flagging a Review).

How to Read a Review

When evaluating a software or services’ reviews it is important to consider the following:
Do not rely on a single review. Always skim through more than one review and avoid basing your decision on a single review. This would allow for an objective understanding of your intended purchase.
Consider the response of the vendor. Consider the review from other users and the responses from the vendors before making the final decision. Vendor responses can be used to measure how deft the vendor is in handling customer support issues.
Evaluate reviews over time. Keep track of reviews over a period of time, to see how the vendor has progressed. This will also help you know if expressed issues are being promptly handled and resolved. More recent reviews are more likely to reflect a product's most current set of capabilities and most relevant experiences.
Reviews posted, provide software shoppers with an important tool to help them make informed decisions. Make complete use of the information provided to you.

Writing Reviews

Tips for Writing a Great Review

The reviews posted on our site help many shoppers in selecting the right software or service. Consider these tips when writing your review:
Be specific. When writing a review that could help another, be as specific as possible. Explain the features you like and the reasons for your preference for the same.
Be readable. Make your language intelligible to everyone. Use the right grammar and punctuation so your reviews are easily understood.
Be objective. Though reviews are a highly subjective task, try to be as objective as possible. It is very likely that you may have incurred many problems with the service/ software but also explain the pros that could highlight it.
Be recent. The best reviews are those written about current software versions, and within a year of use.
Be relevant. The idea of reviews is they serve a purpose, your experience in using the product or service and what the potential user may take away from what you say. Ensure that your reviews are useful for the buyers. Avoid personal opinions on irrelevant and unrelated topics. NOTE: The above tips do not constitute formal guidelines, but rather are intended as best practices for generating a useful, well-written software review.

Reviews Guidelines

Reviews that do not meet the guidelines below may, at our discretion, be removed or not published:
Reviews must be submitted with an identity we can verify. review to the users on the site, anonymously, but we need to be able to verify your identity. We encourage you to log in via LinkedIn to help facilitate this verification.
Reviewers must not have a conflict of interest with the product being reviewed. Vendors, their employees, with a vested interest in the success of a product are not allowed to review their own product or a competitor's product.
Reviews must be posted by the actual reviewer. You cannot post reviews under assumed identity or on behalf of others.
Reviews must contain original content. Copied or plagiarized reviews are not permitted on our site.
Reviews must not contain abusive, hateful, threatening, or harassing content. We do not allow reviews to contain personal threats, obscenities, or hate speech.
Reviews must not include others' personal information. Reviews that compromise the privacy of others or give information that can identify an individual are not allowed on our sitePersonal information includes names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other type of personally identifying information.
Reviews must not promote or disparage a product other than the product being reviewed. We do not allow reference to any product(s) or vendor(s) other than the product being reviewed unless integration with another application may help the review.
Reviews must not violate any legal agreements. A review must not violate any third party confidentiality, non-disclosure, or contractual obligations.
Reviews must not contain financial information. A review must not contain any references to specific amounts of money spent while using the product.
Accusations and complaints of criminal nature cannot be addressed or expressed in the reviews. Unless the fraud or activity has been proven by a court of law, we do not allow references to legal matters in our reviews. Our team is not qualified to make a decision as to the truthfulness of a legal accusation.
As a neutral content platform, we rely on our reviewers to provide accurate and honest details about their software experiences. While we do not attempt to determine a review's truthfulness, or endorse the opinions expressed, we may review a review's content at any time and for any reason; and at our discretion, we may remove a review that we reasonably believe violates our guidelines and policies.

Reviewer Expectations

We strive to provide a place where Reviewers, who respect our Community Guidelines, can have the following experience:
Free from harassment from vendors or other reviewers. Vendors or other reviewers should not subject a reviewer to harassment, following a review on the site.
Equal treatment of reviews regardless of review rating or client status. All reviews will undertake the same verification and quality control processes, regardless of the rating or the product being reviewed. Reviews for client products are treated the same as non-client products.
Reviews published as submitted. We will not edit or modify the content of a review in a way that changes its intent (e.g., we may correct typos). If any portion of the review does not fulfill our stated guidelines, then we will not publish the entire review or will remove it. Reviewers may resubmit a review that meets our guidelines.
Private information remains private. We do not divulge any personal contact information or communication shared with us to third (except as required by law to help facilitate legal investigations). However, reviewers may choose to display their name and company information next to their review to provide additional context for their review.
Anonymous on request. Reviewers may opt for their review to remain anonymous to vendors and site users by logging in using LinkedIn and selecting the option to remain anonymous. In these cases, reviewer's name and company details will be made available to our back office for verification purposes, but will be hidden from vendors and users of the site.
Ability to update review content upon request. Any reviewer who wishes to change or update their review should contact our team. For verification purposes, the reviewer must reach out using the same email address submitted with the original review.
If you detect any visible violations of the above guidelines or conduct that otherwise interferes with another's ability to have the experience described above to so that we can initiate an investigation. Violators may be subject to penalties at our discretion, including a comment on a vendor's profile or denial of access to the site.

Flagging a Review for Investigation

We have a robust QA and Verification process designed to help ensure site guidelines are met, plus technology in place to further safeguard against fraudulent reviews. However, no system is perfect, and occasionally an inappropriate or fraudulent review may slip through the cracks. In these rare instances, reviews may be flagged by users for review and investigation by our team.
If you believe a review is fraudulent or otherwise inappropriate, please report it by emailing us at Along with the indication that you would like to flag a review, please provide a link to the product page, details about the review in question, and all facts that would help our team in their investigation. Our review team will evaluate the review to determine if it meets our site guidelines. If the team determines the review does not meet our guidelines, it will be removed from the site. If the review meets our guidelines, it will remain published.
Reviews are not fact-checked for content, we cannot remove or disregard a review as a result of that. Moreover, because we are a neutral content platform, we will not change a review at the request of a vendor or simply because a review is negative. We may investigate the legitimacy of a review if a concern has been raised, any decision about the review is made by the reviews investigation team alone, independent of the source of the request. A "flag" request will only ensure an investigation from our reviews team but will not guarantee removal. All requests will be evaluated in the order they come in, and no further action is required on the part of the requestor. After confirming receipt of your request, we will send a communication regarding the results of our investigation, once complete. Please note that abuse of our flagging system may result in penalties

Reviews Investigation Process

When a review is flagged to probe, our support team will review it to ensure (i) it answers our Quality Assurance and Authentication process, and (ii) the content of the review does not disrupt our Reviews Guidelines. The team may contact the reviewer to obtain additional information and will use a number of tools to determine if the review violate our Reviews Guidelines.
Note the following:
Any private communications, including email exchanges and phone conversations between a vendor and a reviewer outside of our site, will be deemed unreliable as they cannot be authenticated. An evidence of such nature will be one factor among many considered in our investigation.
As a neutral content platform, we will not make subjective decisions as to the intent and opinions expressed in the content of any review.
We do not facilitate arbitration. We are not intermediaries and will not intervene in disputes between our reviewers and vendors.
We will not share personal contact information or communications between us and our reviewers as per our privacy policy.
Until the investigation is concluded, the review in question will remain published and visible on the vendor's profile.
Our investigation protocols will remain confidential, as doing so would help those looking to game our system. You get assurance from our team that the investigation we be thoroughly conducted, with each case being manually handled by our team. An email will be sent to the requestor to communicate the decision from the investigation.

About Incentivized Reviews

"Nominal incentives" are also a practice by us to encourage and motivate reviewers to contribute.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Endorsement Guidelines require online companies to provide clear notice when a review has been submitted in exchange for a nominal incentive (whether invited by the website or by the software vendor). See Our policies require that any such incentive must be made available to all reviewers who submit honest reviews, regardless of the rating they ultimately give the product they are reviewing.
The "Reviewer Source" icon will indicate if a review was written in exchange for an incentive, even a nominal one such as a gift card. This is true whether the review comes from an invitation by ComHQ or its affiliate sites.

About "Anonymous" Reviews

Some reviews posted on ComHQ appear without an accompanying reviewer name or company, instead simply noting they have been posted by a "verified user." To keep our users informed, no review is submitted to us without an identity verification, though it may appear anonymous on the site. While a reviewer may choose not to share personal information with the public, their identity is always verified by our Quality Assurance team before we permit their review to be published.
Once a reviewer has selected the anonymity option, it is against our policy to reveal to the public or other vendors any details about the reviewer, including their personal contact information. Our QA team manually verifies each reviewer in accordance with our Guidelines in an effort to confirm published reviews have been submitted only by legitimate reviewers. For further guidance on our QA process, click here.

Where Our Reviews Come From

ComHq has a prolific source, where the reviews come from. These reviews are deftly written by a lot of software shoppers, often leading to blending expert opinions with personal reaction to the technology or service. There is also a designated group of people, part of our member review community, who contribute their writer to the site. Vendors participate, reviews by customers on real feedback on their software or service. Though the options and sources go in multiples, our treatment of all the reviews in the same. They all have to go through strict Quality Assurance process before being published on our site.
NOTE: ComHq also displays reviews across its associate sites. While the reviews will be accessible on all associate sites, the site on which the review was submitted will be signposted "Source".

About Our Reviews Team

The practices undertaken by our reviews team underlines a strict code and are marked by informed acumen. The assessment is nuanced by details and thoroughness. Every team member is rigorously trained on our particular investigative process.
It is the effort of ComHq, to give every review a neutral check before it get posted. Every review is extended the same equality and quality check. The idea is to ensure that all content posted meets our site’s established standards and no personal preference or prejudice intrudes this territory.
We have an independently functioning reviews team. They in no way come in contact with other departments of ComHq. The reviews team treats all vendors--clients or non-clients--equally by ensuring that all posted reviews undergo the same Quality Assurance process. ComHq is and will continue to stay in tandem with the most current and applicable laws in the field.

Issues Affecting Vendors

Vendor Guidelines

Vendors are asked to comply by certain ordained guidelines, set by us. ComHq can enforce penalties on vendors who violate these guidelines. Penalties may be enforced in many form, a comment on vendor's profile, or suspension of services, to be determined at our discretion.
Vendors may not post reviews of their own product, or of a competitor's product. Vendors may not post reviews on a user's behalf, nor may they submit a review for their own product, or for any product from which they could receive a strategic or financial benefit. Vendors may not coach their customers in their reviews or indirectly collect or host collection of reviews for our site. Reviews must be submitted directly by the user via our site's review form. In addition, we do not allow vendors to post a review about a competitor's product, even if the review is based off of their actual experience with using the product.
Vendors must not harass reviewers about their review content or rating. It is very important that a certain level of decorum is observed in conducting and responding to reviews. Vendors under no circumstances, can respond in a manner deemed harassment. The critique, if any must be a constructive one to make the interaction positive. The Vendor Portal, allows a vendor to post a response to a review. Abusive, hateful, threatening, or harassing content will not be welcomed on the site.
Abuse of our review investigation service is prohibited. ComHQ, assures meticulous investigation of reviews if the same is found violating our guidelines. If we have reason to suspect a vendor is abusing our system by flagging reviews under false pretenses as a means of deliberating inflation of their reviews ratings, we may at our discretion impose penalties to the vendor's account.
Vendors must disclose any reviews received in exchange for an incentive. To adhere to FTC's Endorsement Guides, we provide a pointer on every review that was received in exchange for an incentive. Reviews sourced by our site or through our Reviews as a Service (RaaS) program will have this pointer, which indicates that the reviewer was given an incentive for submitting their honest review. Vendors that offer incentives must use the incentive link provided in their vendor portal when hosting an incentivized reviews program independent from our reviews acquisition services. If the incentive link is not available, Vendors still should disclose any incentive they received and require their reviewers to disclose any incentive received in exchange for submitting a review. Vendors are encouraged to contact their account representative for guidance on how to report reviews that received an incentive or for other questions.
All vendors are treated equally in ComHq eyes with no exceptions.

Vendor Expectations

All vendors who access our site and adhere to our community and vendor guidelines should be able to expect the following:
A rigorous evaluation of submitted reviews.
A fair investigation of flagged reviews independent of client status.
An opportunity to respectfully respond to any review of their product.

Vendor Best Practices for Reviews

Online reviews program complements and are proven to be instrumental in strengthening vendor marketing efforts. It yields an active and mobile user community. The best place for vendors to actively manage their reviews is in the Vendor Portal. Vendors will find, within their Reviews Tab, a link to the review form for each of their listed products. If the vendor has multiple products listed, they should also have a link to a product page, which allows them to send a reviews request to multiple customers at once.
Vendors should consider a few points when building out their reviews program:
When soliciting reviews, vendors should be aware that only reviews that pass our Quality Assurance and Authentication process and meet our reviews guidelines are eligible to be published.
Vendors must adhere to our vendor guidelines at all times.
Vendors are encouraged to request reviews during ongoing communication with new and existing customers, in their email newsletters or campaigns, at industry events, and on their website.
Vendors should respond to all reviews, regardless of the overall rating. This also becomes a platform for the vendor to display his interest to customers and their personal engagement with the product and the buying experience. Regardless of the nature of the review, all responses should be professional, constructive, and helpful in tone.
Please see our FAQs for Reviewers, Vendors, and about our Authentication Process. For the most commonly asked questions, or for further guidance, contact