Contributor Guidelines

ComHQ Contributor Guidelines

Rapidly advancing technology needs to be met with business that can hold it by its reins and direct it. We welcome subject matter experts who can help other businesses with their actionable insights. We need content to express and impress upon all these great changes of modern times. ComHQ seeks to build a strong community of people who are connected through a common thread- a world defined by quality and experiences.

Our user base is an ever evolving group of entrepreneurs, on a lookout for exceptional services and solutions that will aid them in carving a niche, facilitate better services or improve their infrastructure. The list is endless. What we seek from you is writing that would help them make their decisions better and stay updated on what is trending, what would readjust the future and what they could do that would change the game. Think of yourself as a mentor and motivator.

Your Role

You become a representative of your brand and the industry you represent. A thought leader who can influence through his contribution. You are not endorsing your brand here but creating a space for people to get tips, ideas, advice and suggestions on key points that would guide their day to day business decisions.

What shouldn’t be?

This space is not a platform to endorse, promote or in any way advertise your brand, products/ services. Your contribution would be valuable if it shares your experiences, give thought provoking ideas and tips that could benefit the community and individual businesses.

ComHQ has set forth a few guidelines and qualities we want in the write-up/ submission.

Subject Authority

We are looking for meaningful insights into different industries that would not only keep our readership updated on businesses and technology but also make a real difference in the way they manage it. Your identity as a leader and expert in your field must reflect in your article.

Evidentiary Backing

Your writing, if and when expressed as facts must have evidentiary support. Try to avoid speculation or give unsupported data and information. The backing must be from strong and credible sources.


Your USP as a contributor and Industry Expert is the originality of your words. Give us something new. A new angle, perspective, new process, something that will give your readers an unexpected avenue of thought.


The aim of this effort is to have a space where meaningful, applicable and relevant discussions happen. It will serve no point if your submission has no applicability in improving or changing business management, operations or thoughts. You can give business advice that can be productive to businesses or tips on how to enhance operations with new technology.


Not only should the content be relevant, it is also important that you capture the attention of your readers with this one piece. If you have something to say, say it well. You can make it visually appealing and purpose serving at the same time.

Authorship/ Ownership

You must be the original owner of your content. Duplicated, altered, paraphrased Content should not be submitted. To know how we classify Plagiarized content, read ComHQ Defining Plagiarism

ComHQ Defining Plagiarism

ComHQ has some standards that are strictly followed. All Contributors submitting their writing are expected to abide by it

  • You cannot copy or duplicate any work, word for word
  • You cannot slightly tweak the words and present another’s work
  • Paraphrasing or making modification to another’s work is not permitted.
  • Presenting another’s ideation, writing flow, or point of view as yours is not permitted.
  • Work will be considered plagiarized even if the author has not been identified. You cannot take another’s content from avenues like websites, prints and more.

ComHQ BackLinking Guidelines

There is a designated limit to the number and nature of links that can be included in your submission,

You are expected to have not more than 3 links per article. These links can be links to legitimate data and research, ComHQ and contextual information link.

You can include 1 or 2 links to ComHQ articles in your submission

You cannot have links that in anyway promote your product, service or brand. Giving your own URL will be considered an endorsement, hence not permitted.

You are not permitted to give your company’s social media page link.

You cannot in anyway provide links to any specific product or service. Whether you are connected to it or not. This is not a platform where endorsements, encomiums or promotional content is encouraged.

We have a strict policy against paid links and references at ComHQ. We do not permit paid writing. Your account will be instantly disabled if found so.

Word of Caution

If you are affiliated, associated or have vested interest (financial or otherwise) in a brand or company that you may mention, this needs to be acknowledged. We reiterate that this is not a platform for endorsement or promotion. But your contribution and presence here will strengthen your brand inevitably.

Self-Regulatory Writing Guidelines

ComHQ has a dedicated Editorial team that will proofread your article before it goes on the floors. However, before you give us your final version, do follow certain self-regulatory steps:

Your submission must be proofread for typos, grammatical errors, punctuation etc. we kindly request you to submit an edited copy of your writing.

Company and individual names must be spelt right. It’s a trivial point, but often leads to contention.

Your writing cannot contain anything that is offensive or harmful and shouldn’t affect the sentiment of any religion, community, group or individual. If your piece reflects such, it will be disabled at the discretion of ComHQ.

When we say make it count, you probably also have to have a certain word count in mind when writing the contribution piece. 1500+ words. Ensure that the word count is not less than 1500. When it comes to the word count in this space, the more the better.

Include statistics, data backing what you state. Makes it credible and well founded.

Ensure that your information is sourced well. Please include reference links or mentions of where you got your information from. This may not flash on the final article, but we need the information for ComHQ.

Use quotes correctly. If quoting someone, please mention their name and acknowledgement where it is due.

ComHQ reserves the right to deem your content eligible for publication. If any or all of its content is regarded noncompliant with the Company ethos and guidelines, it will not be published on our site.

What will ComHQ do for you?

We give you a byline with your photograph, biography and a backlink, so readers can find out more about you and your work.

We will promote your article on our social channels – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Your article will be shared in our newsletter.

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