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About Us

Who are We?

We are A Research and Advisory Company that aims to democratize all Business services and applications, bringing the best of them under one roof.

We are the generation of abundance, exposure and information. ComHQ merges these three excesses and restructures it to make you the ultimate beneficiaries. This team of highly distinct and diverse minds have come together with a single mission- to arm you with options, flavour of expert opinions and backed by data which has the ability to transform your businesses.

How do we do it

Our strategy is simple, we give you excellent so you can excel. Have you ever been stuck at a crucial juncture at your business decision? Whether or not to opt for a service or technology partner. Who can tell you what’s best for you? Well we are those guys!

ComHQ makes the business exchange world smaller for you. Our catalogue of the best services and applications from across the world spanning multiple industries, is at your disposal. Empower yourself with expert industry advice, real user reviews and our flawless and absolute screening system on the most exceptional services and applications and Walla! You have the remedy to the most pressing issues of your growing business.

The Man and the Vision

“The entrepreneur today is not an elusive identity sitting in his ivory tower, looking over the world. He/she is someone who moves, interacts, mingles and knows. It is this entrepreneur we wanted to cater to. Someone who doesn’t grow alone in his/her business but nurtures a community”, Akhilesh Chaudhary(Founder & CEO)

What started off as a sincere need to “simplify”, has turned into the realisation of a vision, sown by Akhilesh more than a decade ago. In his early years, part of the then nascent technology industry, he noticed the poignant need to bridge the gap between burgeoning software products/ business service users and providers. There was a connect missing, an interaction that was always marred by technical quirks and heavy jargons. “The aim was to find ways to make the system accessible to everyone”. ComHQ is the answer to that. We are a digital marketplace, where you meet, interact and exchange on products and services. The user is the premium buyer, and we equip him/her with the best options under each category, filtered and screened, from the world.

“ComHQ is the Atlas of all applications and business services for budding entrepreneurs. We have choices, reviews from real users and develop unmatched lists of what you want. All you need to do is join us.”

Services and Applications that can make a difference

The buyer is uncompromising. Businesses and individuals are being underlined by a new wave of thought. To make the world a better place. ComHQ wanted to give the thinking and analytical user choices shaped by this new wave through products and services that represent the sentiment and ethics.

The Way We Work

ComHQ instills the same human approach it endorses among its employees. We are people with ideas, passions and idiosyncrasies. In fact, the idea of diversity comes from this jambalaya of minds and opinions.

We have a collective aspiration, to enable change, for the larger benefit of businesses and people. We have created a permanent, yet ever evolving framework that businesses can continue to use through our assembly of applications and services.

Our team is invested in giving quality and a touch of individuality to ComHQ access. We are not intermediaries. We are a solid, strong and well fitted bridge between the buyers and their future vendors/ technology partners.